How to support us


All money raised by TEA Cares goes directly to our 5 supported NGOs. Our board members are all volunteers.

  • If you would like to make a donation (one off or a regular one) please contact us
  • You can also donate during TEA events (Annual picnic, Halloween party, Holiday gala). 

A representative from TEA Cares will always be present. Most of the times, we organise a fundraiser such as a raffle or games for the children but spontaneous donations are of course welcome.



Every month, TEA Cares organises a goods collection for one or several of its supported NGOs. 

The collected goods go directly to them.

Click here to see the goods needed currently by our 5 supported NGOs



Giving back to the community is also possible by giving a bit of our time. Our 5 supported NGOs have different needs in term of volunteering so even with 1 hour per month you can help them. You can send an email to if you are interested in volunteering.

Click here to the see the volunteering opportunities in our 5 supported NGOs 







 Goods needed  

Blue Cross of Hyderabad

  • Newspaper, old clothes, towels, bed sheet, cardboard boxes, empty rice bags

  • Food: pedigree for dog, cat, puppies and kittens, broken rice, moonj dahl, turmeric, soya bean

  • Medicines: botrophase, tribivet, intacef, ivermectin

  • Shampoos: ketochlor, allermyl, notix powder, amitraz (RIDD)

  • Fluids: RL, DNS, Metromidazole (metris), NS


  • toys, bicycle, tricycle, musical toys

  • Shoes

  • Stationary

  • School bags

  • Umbrellas / raincoat

  • Carpets for classroom

  • Bus (16 to 20 seats) 

 Prardhana Charitable Trust
  • Books

  • Stationary: chalks, large notebook with lines, writing note book

  • 15 desks for Parvat nagar

  • Stationary for children: paper, paint, activity books for 100 children

  • Furniture: shelves, chairs, table etc.

  • Hotel samples of shampoo, soap etc. for 100 women.

 Sivananda Rehabilitation Home
  • For children: toys, books, uniforms, clothes, school supplies (bags) for 45 children between 6 months and 20 years old

  • Medicines: antibiotics, thalimonide, painkiller... even uncomplete strips

  • Food: dry ration ie oil, rice, dhal, sugar etc.

  • Small paper bags




 Volunteering positions  

Blue Cross of Hyderabad

  • Shelter volunteer: puppies bathing, walking, socializing and /or office work (data entry) – 10am to 1 pm or 2.30pm to 4.30 pm any day except festival – as many volunteers as we can find

  • Rescue volunteers: be the Blue Cross referent for your community, call the rescue coordinator if an animal need to be rescued.

  • Puppy socializing : play with puppies – 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Saturday


  • Art & Craft / Dancing : 3 to 4 volunteers to do art and craft and or dance with a group of 10 to 15 children (from 4 years old to adult) – as often as possible – at 1.30pm during week or on Saturday (3rd and 4th Saturday of the month)

  • Park walk: volunteers to go with the pupils to the park – first Saturday of every month

  • Corporate representative: 1 volunteer to create a presentation about Pawmencap and then to deliver it to chosen companies locally.

 Prardhana Charitable Trust
  • Art and craft / English : 1 hour per week for each class of 2 schools (Mastan Nagar and narvat Nagar)... if possible for 2 other schools as well

  • Reading tutor : give children 1 book per week and then check with them if they have read the book and talk about it with them

  • Communication skills: 2 volunteers – 1h30 per week for 3 months starting 15/05/2015 (to be repeated every 3 months)


  • English: 1 volunteer – 1h30 per day for 3 months starting 15/05/2015 (to be repeated every 3 months) The audience is young people (18 to 30 years old), 1 group of boys and 1 group of girls.

 Sivananda Rehabilitation Home
  • IT: 1 volunteer to teach IT to a group of 10 to 15 children 1 hour per week. Weekend or week day after 4pm.

  • Database: 1 volunteer to help them with their visual basic database – 2 hours per month

  • Art and Craft: volunteers to do art and craft with a group of 15 to 20 children, 1h30, at least once a month, preferably on weekend.




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