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The TEA Cares initiative began in 2007 with the purpose of informing TEA members about a range of non-profit organizations that offer opportunities for charitable giving and volunteer services. In 2010 the TEA Cares Foundation was established.

TEA Cares has vetted each organization it supports to determine the authenticity and suitability for our volunteers to contribute their time. While the TEA Cares Foundation is very pleased to have relationships with these particular organizations so that it can confidently recommend them, it also acknowledges that many other charitable causes are supported by TEA members, their friends and associates. TEA encourages all of these efforts. However, TEA members should know that the TEA Cares Foundation is only accountable for assuring the quality of programs of its own set of organizations.

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Any charities advertised in TEA publications or promoted at TEA events must be non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian. While many charities are founded by individuals and groups with both religious and political motivations, the formal non-profit society or trust that they establish must not promote these agendas if they want recognition by TEA.

We hope that the TEA Cares Foundation will lead to an ever-expanding effort to identify and publicize the work of worthwhile and genuine non-profit organizations in our community. The success of this initiative, as with all TEA activities, is in the hands of the current and future members of the association. The Board of Directors of the TEA Cares Foundation makes policy decisions and determines how any cash and in-kind contributions are to be distributed.


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